Kia Island

Lars Alfredson
Fri 16 Aug 2013 15:41

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20130813 Tuesday – Shân


From Vorovoro we set off after a leisurely breakfast and find the beautiful island of Kia.  Just clear seas, foreshore and mountains in site.  How is it than within 2 minutes of dropping anchor a local boat arrives to ask us who we are and where we come from.



 IMG_2844     IMG_2848

                      Anchoring at Kia Island


Joseph adopts us, climbs aboard and shelters from the sun under our bimini.  I’m so hot  I have to get in the water and swim once around the boat whilst the boys prepare their snorkelling gear.  I return to find Joseph still on board.  I prepare lunch, the men return and Joseph is still with us. 


Lars gives him all sorts of fishing gear and I include him in our lunch.  He gives himself a tour of the boat and wonders at the luxury.  He’s so sweet, very innocent and just curious. I’m ashamed to say that Bob and I disappear to our bunk and leave Lars with Joseph. Fortunatley, Bob had and excuse as he’d put his back out yesterday and suitably pilled up, needed to adopt the horizontal


At about four o’clock we all appear on deck, no Joseph.  The boys decide to swim out to the furthest reef but I opt for reading up on the pointy end.


P8130918    P8130979

                             what is it?                                   


Bob BBQed the steak after which we had a quiet night before bed ready for another adventure tomorrow.


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