Near Pitcairn

Lars Alfredson
Sat 27 Oct 2012 13:50
Pos 24:52.6S 129:35.1W
Saturday October 27
11.00 LT

We had a nice downwind sail to Henderson. Unfortunately with the wind from NE and quite a big swell it turned out to be impossible to anchor at the Island.
At 22.00 we gybed around the north end of the Island and put a course for Pitcairn.

Now we are just 25 NM from Pitcairn and should be there in 3 hours.

The weather is overcast and we have not seen the island yet.
With this NE wind we suspect the anchorage to be very exposed.
If so we will try and hide in the lee and wait for better weather that makes it possible to land.

Look out for reports from Pitcairn in the near future.

All is well,