Crossing the Solomon Sea

Lars Alfredson
Mon 18 May 2015 11:14
pos 10:51.34S 155:.75E
Monday 18th of May, 21.00
Sunday afternoon the weather cleared and we decided to move on to another bay on Rossel. On the way we anchored by a reef and had some nice snorkeling. At 16.00 we anchored in the bottom of Mbeave Bay. a man in his canoe soon approached and we ordered praws to be delivered the next morning. After a nice sunset and a lovely dinner we called it a day and aiming for a takeoff for the crossing to Solomon Islands at 10.00 when the sun would be high enough for us to see all the reefs.
Monday morning we celebrated Ewa on her Birthday with singing and a fresh baked lemon cake. A good start to Ewas birthday.
The weather was overcast but we decided to go anyway and hoping the sun would be out when we needed it to find the hole in the reef to get out to sea. It all worked out well and at noon we were out in open waters and could hoist the sail. The wind picked up and we were soon reaching in 10 knots and some. This was not so good  for  The second half of Ewas birthday. It is now 9pm and we are still doing 6-8 knots. Lets hope it lasts.
All is well,
Lars and crew