Exploration day

Lars Alfredson
Mon 15 Apr 2013 23:35

14042013 Sunday


Exploring day, as we set out to follow the old road that runs inland and parallel to the coast road. This traverses through and marks the

last of the relatively flat agricultural land before the near vertical slopes of the volcanic peaks that form the mountain heart of the island.


There are a few roads that run part way up the side of the mountain and these rather disconcerting are generally sign posted as

“Tsunami” escape routes ! Up one of them the stream flowing from the peak fed into the local water system while another had had its

famous waterfall reduced to a shrunken pool as the head water had been diverted for the same  purpose.




m_P1220059     m_P1220062

             Wigmores waterfall all dried up.      


We lunched at a nice Café over the road from the beach and within eyeshot and earshot of the roar of surf. Having ascertained where

the best local snorkelling was to be had, we scoffed our Hamburgers and headed for the shoreline. What, no mention of alcohol?

You make well ask, but in a God fearing country like this none is available until after 6pm.





                                           Lunch at Saltwater Cafe




        This way to the reef.


The water clarity and reefs improved the further out we went. The fish life was terrific with many species I hadn’t seen before or familiar

shapes painted in new and more exotic colours. The sight of a school of Angel fish swooping down like a swarm of locust to feed of a

reef was quite impressive. Most of the reefs bear evidence of the munchings of a thousand Parrot fish as their bulk is slowly reduced to sand by these voracious feeders.


Surprisingly the water felt a little chilly today at 26c so out we got, changed and continued out exploration. Getting lost appeared to

come naturally to us as there are no road signs and lots of tracks to lure one of the main road which is not that dissimilar.


m_P1220065      m_P1220066



                                                Coconut tasting bacon.



                                                       Cultural center.


On the side of the road are lots of trees bearing Breadfruit, Pawpaws and that danger to open car drivers, the Coconut,

many of which litter the road. Bushes of chilli pepper grow freely and where the Pawpaws are cullivated they break the long thin trunk

at about four feet high and head and fruit develop there, so no need to climb a 30foot bean pole, how clever.



                                     Dwarfed Paw Paws  =  Papaya



                           Noni fruit. Very healthy, makes you happy, but tastes like shit.


Suddenly we came upon a sign for a rather interesting hotel and judging by the hight of the fence I guess escaping isn’t and option when you live on an island in  the middle of the Pacific!


Back to the yacht and having had an abstemious day, declare early “Happy hour”. Fred and Grete produce a gourmet delight for dinner

washed down with a bottle or two of cheeky little reds. As I give a reading of the Blog as a final proofing session I realise immediately that more work is required, but that’s for tomorrow.


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