qaannquligaq anchorage

Lars Alfredson
Sat 15 Jul 2023 00:58
POS 60:28.901N 45:34.461W

From board. “We left narsaq by 08.30 this morning .the morning was a bit cold .the first hour we drove slalom between the icebergs.then it eased up a bit .motoring the whole day .No wind .the lunch was spent in saarloq anchoring .then off again for our anchoring place for the night. A nice little lagoon called qaannquligaq.  Me and urban went for a swim .it was really cold in the sea .but refreshing . jonas made the dinner again . A roast with applesauce and red cabbage, wonderful. Urban is doing the dishes and Dan has pumped up the dinghy. They are going ashore for a walk. Me, Jonas and Lars are staying in the boat .... the breadbaking machine is now operating and it smells so nice in the boat. the sun is shining nice and warm on us. soon time for a GT. thats it for today. “
Thomas Ohlsson