Naviti Island

Lars Alfredson
Wed 26 Jun 2013 07:00

Pos 17:06.34S 177:13.408E


20130624 Monday


In view of the current and poor visibility we decide to leave after breakfast for Naviti Island some 12 miles up the coast. The sky is overcast with little wind so were motoring at around 6kts which will make out ETA around lunchtime.


The wind has picked up along with the seas but they remain on the nose. The good news is this has raised big surf on the reefs making them easier to spot.


P6240085    P6240086

                                     Sorosoro Bay and reef                                                                            Kitted up.


We try the reef and spend an hour or so exploring and filming. After lunch we decide to move to the northern end of the island to try the reefs at Sorosoro Bay. It’s low water and all the reefs are exposed as we don our gear and jump in. It all looks good except the transmitter mast is Digicel and we lose our internet connection. So having finished playing we return to Natuvalo Bay and the resort.


IMG_0988     IMG_0994

                         Looking for goodies.                                                     


On our return we note a reef running along the shoreline which could make it difficult to land the dinghy, but watching their boats running in and out we can see a gap with a bent pole marking the entrance.


P6240099    P6240058

                  Warty coral.                                                                                      Naughty Crown of Thorn.       


The sun has set and Tonton and I venture forth. Lars has a schedule with his computer friend at 19:30 so remains aboard. The landing is relatively easy as the tide is coming in and is high enough to give passage over the reef.


Once ashore we find the place is quite busy and the clientele consist mainly of young backpacker types. Drinking their sundowners, they are all gathered on the deck overlooking bay. A drum is beaten and suddenly we're all alone as the call for dinner has sent them off into the restaurant.


P6240106    P6240110

                                The Resort                                                                                              The route of Awesome.


In the meantime the staff have joined us and regale us with usual questions, “where are from?” “How long have you been sailing” etc. Dinner over, the deck refills and the show begins with lots of dancing and party games.


P6240134   P6240141 

              Tonton and friends.                                                                             Fixing the bench.


All is going well until Tonton plonks his bum down on the bench seat and a leg disappears through the decking floor upsetting the bench. Quick reflexes and years of practice ensure that not a drink is split as the staff rush to save Tontons dignity as he sprawls on the floor.


P6240138    P6240118

                           Dancing time.                                                          



A couple more rums and its time to head back and get dinner going. It’s pretty black out there, but we call Lars who puts the deck lights on (The anchor light interferes with the VHF and our music centre) as we make a beeline back.


Tonton attends to the galley, nearly loosing his thumb to the salad slicer, while preparing sautéed potatoes. Fortunately non falls into the food and we manage to plaster him up to continue.


The last of the Bonito served and is equally delicious as on its first appearance going down extremely well in a pan fried version.


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