ultimate quest

Lars Alfredson
Thu 4 Aug 2016 17:10
POS 57:17.17N 153:39.10W

Bear hunting

It's 10:45 and we board our new dinghy for our Bear Hunting expedition. Horrific weather we dressed in our red's and tackle our challenge. We are talk on the beach after our early adventure. A full family of deer gossip as we sailed by.
In our quest we were joined by seals, otters, bald eagles and jumping salmon. The seals showed us the way up the river around the shallows. Unfortunately they also love kelp, not the favorite chew of our propeller.
Eight kilometers up the river, into the depth of the Alaskan forest and we hit rapids and surrounded by jumping salmon. We could despite our 20Hp engine not conquer these unsurpassable rapids. It was also very very shallow I must say.
After a salmon almost jumped onboard Urban had it and decided to anchor and fish. No catch kkkkk
As for our hunting expedition we believe that Kodiak bears are a myth to lure tourists. We have not seen even tracks.
Back on the boat ready to cast off to explore an abandoned mine. Two stowaways were caught trying to get a lift on the anchor.

That's all folk

Thomas and the crew

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