Lars Alfredson
Wed 19 Dec 2012 22:15
Pos 14:27.74S 146:03.08W
Wednesday, December 19
We left Rangiroa late Tuesday morning because we only had 100 NM to sail to Manihi.
We started out in a good NNW blow and were discussing how to slow down the speed so as not to arrive at the pass to early.
The sun has to be well up so that you can se all the corall heads in the lagoon.
We should not have talked about it because soon the wind turned NE and we ended up tacking the whole way. On top of that we got some
torrential downpours through the night.
Anyway we are now anchored in the lagoon. We have had sime nice swims to cool down from the sun. Unfortunately we did not find anybody
that could direct us to where the Manta Ray cleaning station is.
Tomorrow morning if the weather is nice we will do a drift snorkel in through the pass with the incoming tide.
After that we are off to the Marquesas that we hope to reach before Christmas eve.
                                                               Hermit Crab