New Years Party with a cut

Lars Alfredson
Sun 1 Jan 2012 13:58

AC31122011 New Years Party



The evening started with drinks followed by dinner and chaos. Father Christmas appeared ready for a ritual shave.

Unfortunately a rush of enthusiasm followed with Karine wielding her shaver and victims lined up for shearing including yours truly.

As if the loss of my beard wasn’t bad enough Yves then proceeded to shave my head . Its going to be cold down south.


New Year 017     New Year 019

                          Dinner on the bridge                                                         Santa arrives


New Year 006     IMG_2475

                              Our mascot gets a hug                                                       No more Santa



New Year 031     IMG_6778

                                                                                                                                Softening up the victims



IMG_6780    IMG_6786

                   There goes the beard                                                                 Victims



IMG_6794     IMG_6796

                   Yves finishes the job                                                                 Two baldies



Were off now so happy new year to all and best wishes


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