Honiara 2

Lars Alfredson
Thu 20 Aug 2015 00:07

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2015-08-18 It’s not 8am yet and the temperature has already reached 30C. There not much wind so having spent the night trying to sleep in the sauna we call our cabin, (In view of our recent robbery we now lock down all hatches at night) it looks like another sweaty day.

After picking up a beer from the hotel bar we make our way through to the back of the gift shop where the Internet room is located and having paid our dues settle down for a few hours clearing the backlog of emails while Lars is busy trying to find flights back to Sweden.

630 messages later I’m clear with just few to reply to, surprisingly Shan has even more than me to clear. It’s nearing lunchtime so we call it a day. There is conference of Island Ministers booked in at this hotel so we head up the main road to the “Breakwater” café/restaurant.

On our way we pass stalls of the island craftsmen selling their exquisite wood and shell carvings and jewellery. We then stumble upon a large park area where stall are being set up and discover there is to be a large craft fare the following day.

A few are already set up and Shan spots some wonderfully carved and inlaid wooden bowls, then stopping in the handbag hut promises to come back tomorrow when things are in full swing.

Shan has a quiche while Lars and I feast on a steak baguette. As for drinks, its coffee or a soft drink as no alcohol served here! Nice meal shame about the other bit.

Lars directs me to the hairdressers while he goes off in search of coffee. Shan has a fit of panic over the bowls and returns to the craft site to make a purchase.

It’s a unisex hairdresser and I’m surrounded by ladies. Conversation soon strikes up and it transpires several of them have come from villages we have visited and we know mutual people. Sometimes you get the feeling you been here to long! One lady, Nanette, had just come back from Cuba and regaled us with her experiences. Her family own a timber business and she travels quiet frequently to the USA and Jamaica. It’s a small world.

We all meet up at the YC before making our way back. Shan has picked up some “Battlefield” tour brochures so we nip to the Visitor centre next door and book a trip for the following day before we depart.

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