Arrival Niue

Lars Alfredson
Thu 25 Apr 2013 20:18

20130422 Monday – Niue


When I surface later that morning Niue is already in sight, a long low flat island with steep cliffs, a testament to its vertical rise from the sea.

Consequently there are very few beaches, instead many sandy coves and limestone caverns with their stalagmites and ‘tites which clambering through, lead down to tranquil grottos full of colourful fish and corals.


We quickly find the yacht club, the bar and wi-fi and set up base camp. A trip to the visitor centre then to local grass square where there is a hive of activity.

It’s “Culture” week during which we watch palm frond weaving, to make baskets and pretty headdresses, a fashion show featuring clothes made from recyclables (Amazing the things you can do with a bin bag) as well as groups of ukulele players of all ages competing.


Not forgetting the singing of course, just like the Eisteddfod, but for looking! The following day we saw a course laid out with a palm frond,

a group of coconuts, and some wooden tools. The idea apparently it to weave a basket, shell the coconuts and then render the flesh of the ‘nuts into a creamy go used in cooking. First to finish wins?


Culture Fest 060

                                            Niue harbour


Culture Fest 076

                                               Niue flag


Culture Fest 077



Culture Fest 079 

                                  Arts and craft


Culture Fest 095


Culture Fest 098


Culture Fest 105

                                     Ira hostess at the Yacht Club


Culture Fest 127

                                                     ukelele performance



Culture Fest 128

                                                       Basket weaving


Culture Fest 131    Culture Fest 133


Culture Fest 145    Culture Fest 162

                     Our lunchplase                                                                           


Culture Fest 179

                                                  Village choir


Culture Fest 183

                                                            Stage fright


Culture Fest 190


Culture Fest 205

                                     New use for bin bags!