John Brewer Reef

Lars Alfredson
Tue 3 Mar 2015 04:06

POS 18:37.32S 147:03.12E


Left Magnetic Island to explore this reef referred as a great snorkeling and diving spot.  Far from this.  Dead corals, no big fish, no sharks and murky waters.  After a hard sail into the reef’s lagoon, with Martin stationed at the second spreaders, Ivan on bow lookout an Thomas on the dinghy, we managed to anchor safely the lagoon, surrounded by huge boulders.  No wind at all as we arrived, we were woken up today with a nice SE 15knts breeze, which made it difficult to depart.  In time: We made it out easily under the guidance of our superior Master.



As we just left the reef, our AIS and radar screens indicated two vessels on interception course to our position. 

Surrounded on the stern by a Police chase cat and intercepted to the bow by the warship HMS Paluma, we had to set out both genoas and flee the scene.  Martin wanted to rig our secret torpedos, camouflaged as spinnaker poles, for possible combat counteraction.  Discouraged by our superior firepower, they gave up the chase and searched for easier prey.


Police Secret Chase boat                                              HMS Paluma


Our counter Intelligence unit, DBCIS, has uncovered a military/law enforcement operation in progress.  First they must have confused us for a hostile vessel.  Possible target, the suspecting Panamanian cargo ship “United Halo” on course to the taskforce trap zone.  Dawnbreaker will offer to assist and execute the operation for our fair share of the bounty.  Ivan on constant lookout is monitoring radio and the horizon.  Martin in the hammock reading his Naval Strategy War Manual.  Lars is just reading a regular book.


HMS interception course                                                              United Halo cargo ship

Ivan                                                                                                       Martin


Disclaimer:  NSA and all other agencies.  This is just a piece of fiction writing.  Any similarity with real facts is mere coincidence.  All characters are ficticious.