Crew change

Lars Alfredson
Sun 25 Aug 2013 05:41

20130825 Sunday


I have to wake Jonathan though it’s just gone eight as he has the pontoon access key. There’s not a lot of life but as I unplug him from his walkman he comes to some semblance of life and after presenting a fistful credit cards finally comes up with the right one.


Shân and I head ashore to get the bread and a coffee as well as looking out for Sanna. She should have arrived on the 07:30 flight from Hong Kong but like Jonathan there she isn’t.


Arriving back, Jonathan’s lying stretched out on the pontoon, dead or sunbathing its hard to tell, Lars is fiddling with his fittings and the super yachts crew continue on the never ending round of scrubbing and polishing their craft.


Copy of IMG_3477     Copy of IMG_3488


Investigation on the internet and a message to Jonathan on Facebook confirm that poor Sanna is stuck in Hong Kong with a twelve hour delay to her flight, not a happy bunny, and we won’t see her until eightish tonight.


Shân’s packing, I’m blogging, Lars is still fiddling with his fittings and Jonathan having regaled us with his adventures amongst the super yacht crews has recovered and is on the internet. Its beer o’clock before we know it and the alcohol level is restored.


We have a visit from the crew of one of the yachts bearing clementines, two large bags which were over delivered/ordered and have now been donated to their poorer neighbours. Very nice too!



For lunch we have pizza ashore and while Lars and Jonathan return to the boat Shân and I do some last minute gift shopping. Then, returning its time to start packing our bags. Fortunately relief comes in the form of happy hour. With bags packed and weighed all that left if for me to complete this blog and wish all our readers from Shân and I happy sailing as were off at 07:30 in the morning and need to pack this computer away.


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Bob and Mrs Blog




The luxury cruising yacht “KOO” has just arrived and berthed opposite us who says size didn’t matter as we now feel like a surf board !! 


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