Half way to Pohnpei

Lars Alfredson
Tue 21 Aug 2018 23:29
POS 6:11.360N 160:41.189E
We left the island of Pingelap to starboard about 13:20hs today.  It has been a long day motoring and dealing with squalls.
The computer wearther models don’t seem to work well around the equator as it predicted good tradewinds we experience very light variable winds at least from de NE
motor sailing at 7kts we expect to arrive within 24 hours.
Pingelap is an island surrounded by corl and presents no anchorage and landing conditions.  It has also an unique characteristic – a very high color blindness rate among it’s population.  there are 4 houses visible by binoculars.
it’s been a long season. almost 5 month, enduring the long passages under rain and heat is a challenge, worthwhile to experience this remote area of the planet.
using up our frozen food it is fish week onboard.
the crew