Lars Alfredson
Wed 18 Sep 2013 21:35
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Ranvetlam Bay

Dear blog readers, today is Tif and Alice, the french girls on board writing to share with you the great stories of these past few days ;-) 2 days ago, we decided to climb to the top of the volcano, what a great idea !! yeah sure .. :D  until we figure it out that it will be a 11 hours walk ! the way to the volcano was beautiful !! we first crossed the forest , an amazing one. Our lovely guide, Jack was able to explain us how the village use the different trees and how we recognize when a tree belongs to someone.


m_DSC_0142    m_DSC_0145

                     The village.


m_DSC_0151     m_DSCN1171

                The track leads through a Banyan tree.                                                                      Big ferns


m_DSCN1175     m_DSCN1197

                        Palm tree                                                                                                              black magic?

Then we reached the second part of the walk, the dry lava. We all lauched a spear  to greet the gods of the volcano. We crossed and climbed through the dry lava river, what a beautiful landscape !! the final episode was to walk on the top of the volcano on this black sand. It was hard ! specially for Lars ! he was so exausted that when we arrived at the top he could not eat his sandwich :D >From this view point we all admire the power of the alive lava and the magnificience of the mountains, volcano and forest. I think it was a unique spectacle for all of us !!! we will all remember it ! The way back to the beach was for me one of the hardest thing I have done since a very long time ! My legs did not want to carry me out anymore and I had blisters on each one of my toes.. lovely J Fortunately,  Marc and Lars was there to wait for me and after many hours we finally reached the beach ! We were exausted but so happy to be there ! We all had a cold beer back to the boat to celebrate this day spent together and end up to bed very early..

m_DSCN1222    m_DSC_0166

                      First sight of the volcano.                                                                               Time for a rest.


m_DSC_0169    m_DSC_0170

                         Up we go                                                                                                                         and up


m_DSC_0173     m_DSC_0183

                              and up                                                                                                                       Finally we are at the top


m_DSC_0195   m_DSC_0191

                          We did it!                                                                                                           A boiling inferno.    


m_DSC_0199    m_DSC_0206

                 “Old” woman Alice is struggling back down.                                                              Coconut break.




The day after  (yesterday) we went to a local barbecue to the beach, at the menu, pig, sweet potatoes, fresh vegetables  and kava ! We spent the beginning of the evening with the women from the village, sharing our girls stories about love, children, work, freedom, tatoos, differences between living here and in France. It was a great moment before we start eating. In the meantime the men were drinking Kava ;) I let the Cava story to Marc, he enjoyed it very much ! haha !

We are having a great time on the dawnbreaker and we take this opportunity to thanks our lovely crew and captain.

Tif and Alice


m_DSC_0232     m_DSC_0234

                            Womens get together.


m_DSC_0227     m_DSC_0229

                              Kava time.                                                                                                      Chief Joseph checking.


m_DSC_0237    m_DSC_0235

                             Dinnertime                                                                         Our guide Jack, Kava, Beer and cigarette, Mark is in heaven!!


Gday blog readers , my  name  is Mark im from the Gold coast in Australia and this happely is my first blog entry ever , its a good day when you do a first , I have done more first in the last 8 days then in any other period of my life , you gotta love that and to add to the list of many is drinking Kava .

       The kava was freshly made by the chief of the village , his name was Joseph and he was a top bloke . The kava we had was made from the yellow kava root which we were told was the strongest and strong it was , I had 4 cups and it rocked my socks  , having beer as  well helped the process greatly . Joseph all so freshly killed a pig and cooked it to perfection a long with fresh vegitables from his garden for our sunset dinner on a volcanic black sand beach on a tropical island , how good is that , it was a top shealf night .

      A fire was lit and  At the dinner there were the crew from Dawnbreaker also a very nice couple from Alaska , Josephs family , Jack the guide from our volcano trip , the trible owner of the beach        ( you are going well when you own a beach ) plus there wives and children and a fun night was had by all . At the end we said our good byes and went back to Dawnbreaker for a rum and coke night cap and final chat , WOW WHAT A NIGHT . The next morning I had a hang over to beat all hang overs and to help it along we ended up saiing in 30 knot winds on our way to Pentecost island . Kava is off my drink list for a while  . I am very greatfull to end up on a yacht with such a wonderful crew and skipper , Big thanks to Lars for making it all possible J