Quail Island, NZ

Lars Alfredson
Wed 19 Nov 2014 01:27

nov 19th

POS 43:37.538S 172:41.780E

Arrived at Lyttelton Harbour at 02:20 and of course had a HARD ankordram before going to bed.  It was a difficult sail with winds up to XXkts (beaufort XX / XX – XXX Km/h) in the range of a XXXX definition, just two degrees from XXXXX on the Beaufort scale.  XXXX censored by Getafix.

Littelton Harbour, NZ


Done the Maritime check-in and contacted the marina just to find that there is no berth for us in the harbor.  Which did disappoint Getafix.  So we were advised to move to Quail Island to anchor and be protected from the strong SW front moving in. 

Quail Island, NZ.  Bluffs

While Abraracourcix and Getafix went off to explore Quail Island, Obelix had shit-duty, after yesterday heeling and toilet overflow of the waste tank in the bathroom.  He just hates this and a strong Gin Gimlet was required.

Tomorrow we plan for a Viking invasion to Christchurch – maybe I should change our adventures codenames to the Asterix and the Vikings book.  Will study and advise.  So far we stick to the Axterix characters.  Abracurcix, Getafix and Obelix, although the latter the more handsome specially after sheeding off some kg.  A keeper.


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