Ground Hog day

Lars Alfredson
Sun 29 Jul 2018 21:21

I guess we are having a ground hog night for the last week.   Every night, while we are at dinner in the Tide Table restaurant, the same thing happens time and time again, Kenneth reappears from his airport trip. 

He is on his 5th attempt to leave Marshall Islands under a free standby ticket. 

Everything happens to him.  No seats, lack of proof of continuing ticket, other priority standbys, enquires about passport and visas, etc.  

Last resort now is to buy a full fare ticket to Guam, for his last and final attempt.  

Will keep you posted and our fingers crossed that this ground hog nightmare ends. 

Note:  5th attempt also failed due to overbooking.  We are know looking for a 6th attempt on Wednesday.  This marathon is lasting 10 days now and Dawnbreaker is leaving on Thursday. 




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