Day 2 to Norway 12:30

Lars Alfredson
Sat 26 Aug 2023 14:19
POS 58:28.556N  1:53.642E

Report from sea, 26 aug , 12.30 utc 

North Sea.

"Gamla Nordsjön som svallar o brusar" from the Swedish song.  NOT !!
We left Kirkwall yesterday afternoon in rain and windy conditions.
Believe it (or not), we could sail for six hours, then motor again. Now, Saturday, sea is flat, no wind, sun is shining.
Cleaning and washing day onboard.
Lot of oil platforms around us right now.
Just had to alter course for a seismic vessel after a call on the radio.
170nm to Lindesnes, eta Mandal tomorrow at noon. Jonas and Dan eager to follow the Gothebourg soccer derby tomorrow.
Cheers from Dawnbreaker