Cora do Avião/Cabanga Yacht Club Receife

Lars Alfredson
Thu 6 Jan 2011 13:13
6th January pos 08:04.77S 34:53.41W
Today started very nice. Thomas made us a fabulous breakfast with sugar melon to start, french toast with banana's and coffee and juice.
Quite something first thing in the morning, we're not really used to so much so early. The day was sunny but with a lovely breeze blowing
into the bay between the two islands.
After breakfast we decided to go ashore on to Cora do Avião Island. The tide was out and we could see the sand banks for miles around.
There were alot of people over the other side of the island and they seemed to be picking up something in the sand.
            The beginning of the sandbank                                                      My new motor boat!
Lars and Thomas went to have a loook while I just looked around for shells and stones.  They came back and told me that  everyone was collecting
small shells. There was this litte old lady that must of been in her seventies sitting in a puddle collecting her shells to sell at the market.
They said that a man collected around 25 kgs of the inside of the shells peer day to sell later, that's an awful lot of shells collected every day,
  The lady that's over seventy washing her shells                            This is what the shells look like
When we finished our walk we went to one of the small restaurants and ordered our lunch for 13.00. They showed us some fish that
had been caught that morning and we chose our lunch to be served with salad, beans, rice, chips from a casava root and flour from
the casava root which is very popular here.
 Everyone's boat is beached until the tide comes in         The pescada/middle fish ended up as our lunch
               Cheers, just waiting for lunch
Lars and Thomas dropped me back at the boat around 14.00 and they went over to look at Fort Orange. It was closed so
we decided to leave if we wanted to get to Recife before dark. Departure was 14.45 pm.
                           Fort Orange                                                  The enterance to Fort Orange
Just before we arrived at the mouth of Recife enterance it started to rain. When it rains here it's not just little rain drops,
it chucks it down and it's hard to see anything ahead.  The waterway to Cabanga Yacht club is very long and by the time
when we were to turn into the last stretch it was dark and we had to use a very powerful light for check for the green and
red line of poles that would guide us to the Yacht club.
         The waterway to Cabanga Yacht Club                                           The view of Recife at night
Arrival 18.35pm.  The Yacht club is right at the end of the waterway, passed all the industrial area with all the larger boats. 
The wind was blowing and we found it hard to get into the morring that was for us. In the end we ended up mooring on the
visitors pontoon and we would have to move in the morning.