Island of Yap

Lars Alfredson
Tue 26 Feb 2019 13:01
POS 08:48.500N 137:26.000E
We have now been on the island Yap since Saturday morning,
The clearance was a headache for skipper Lars. Portcaptain,immigration,customs,quarintine and environment officiers.
Seems that most job comes from creating papers and anoying guests. All in all 20 people were involved, häpp !
Well, finally all paperwork was done and we could lower our Qflag and was allowed ashore.
A quick march to our wifi office (Manta Ray Resort Bar) to get connected to the world, and off course some local brewed beers.
Lunch and later dinner at the very same place was very nice, compare to the cooking on a bumpy, rocky ship.
Chats with hotelguests and staff to get information about the island.
Lot`s of stranded americans due to the storm and closure of the Guam airport.
We overheard one guy that booked a private charter to get out !
Yap is known for it´s friendly people, indeed true. Smiling,cheerful people wherever we went.
Also the Stone Money is very known. We had a taxi tour to visit the remarkable Stone Money Bank.
Amazing this “bank”, up north on the island in a remote forrest. Stone Money of differente sizes.
Please do a Google search of this mysterious money.
Ivan and Jonas got their hair cut at the local salong, Ivan now has the look of a US marine.
We spent some time at wifi place, Manta Ray, and went strolling around, not so much to see in the “town” really.
Lars and Urban did a lot of maintenace onboard, we now have a working watermaker, hurray !!
We did not go for any snorkeling tours allthough. Yap is famous for the large Manta Rays but best way to spot them is by diving.
Only Lars is a qualfied diver and he was busy fixing the boat. We decided to save our snokeling for Palau and the Rocky Islands.
Last night we did a visit to “our bar”, the anchored Philipine styled jonk, at the resort ,to staple the swedish flag with our names written to it.
A lot of flags,tshirts,banknotes, stapled all over in the bar. Some drinks onboard before hitting the bunks and prepare for the leg to Palaou.
Lars made the clearance to leave and we left in the morning. 250 Nm to Palau will start off with the wing against us.
The storm NE to us is still messing up the tradewinds, will better in a few days.
Jonas now got his star app downloaded and can now monitor the sky with all it´s stars.
So many stars to watch in the darkness above you.
See you in Palau,
The crew