West Point Island and mt Misery pics

Lars Alfredson
Sun 11 Dec 2011 22:28
                                                    West Point Island settlement
   Elephant Seals 046     Elephant Seals 047
                  Is a no smoking island                                                              Greeted by the flag
     Elephant Seals 051     Elephant Seals 065
                      Smoko at Mike and Jeanette’s                                         Turkey Vulture and Caracara bird
Elephant Seals 056    Elephant Seals 064
                 3 Turkey Vultures looking down on Bob                                   Sealers grave                         
   m_DSC_0310     m_DSC_0320
                           On the top at last                                                               Peter balancing with Gibraltar Island behind                                                         
     Elephant Seals 069     m_DSC_0335
              Mike and Jeanette with friend Bob = the whole                                            Taking Bob to the airport                                                 
              population on West Point came for a visit onboard