Nanuya Sewu Island (Blue Lagoon)

Lars Alfredson
Sun 4 Aug 2013 08:05
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20130803 Saturday


Today we’re heading to Nanuya Sewa Island or better known as the Blue Lagoon, from the film of the same name that sprung a young Brooke Shields to fame. Our readers will note that we have been here before, but as the reef and anchorage are good and we’re hoping to dine ashore this time its our next port of call on our way north through the Yasawa group island chain.




As we turn into the bay we spot a very pretty old three masted schooner with South African looking flag with its black triangle and stripes. As we get closer and after some discussion and checking the “Book” find that it’s flying the Vanuatu colours from its stern.


IMG_2396    IMG_2394


There are several other yachts at anchor as we slide in between and up to reef to drop anchor in 6 metres, at our previous spot, determined by following the track from our last visit. But it’s not to be, as the anchor refuses to get a hold and we end up dropping it in some 12 metres. As we normally drop a 3:1 ratio of chain we’re now letting out  around 40 metres of ½ inch chain, thank de Lord for electric winches!


We haven’t been anchored long when a strange looking sailing craft approaches looking a bit like the SAS undercover with large green leaves half way up its main mast. Pulling alongside it’s the local fruit and veg department. An enterprising farmer (Was there every any other) and his wife from a nearby island were going around the soft touch yachties selling their produce at vast expense.Needless to say we succumbed and $5 poorer we were the proud purveyors of half a dozen spring onions, a little short on spring and a fistful of small tomatoes.


IMG_2335    IMG_2345

                       Fruit and veg.                                                                                                           Overloaded?


Taking the dinghy down the beach to the far reef maker, it’s pulled ashore and secured before we don our snorkels and swim out to the reef. It’s a popular tourist spot and as the fish are used to being fed, they come rushing to greet you. Some are more enthusiastic than others and those nippy Sergeant Majors are not fussy what they bit into.


IMG_4672   P8030650 Fixed

                             Mealtime for some.


IMG_4667   IMG_4673


Returning, Lars decides to swim back while I fire up the dinghy and whisk my bride off to sea, when I eventually manage to get engine down! Lars has omitted to tell me the spring has broken and it requires a finger chopping deftness to push the required bit and get your hand out of the way.


IMG_4683     IMG_4686

                       A serious nipper.                                                                                                  


All aboard and as I’m restocking the beer fridge the case falls apart and suddenly comes to life as a host of Cockroach’s run for cover. Yuk! Cardboard is known to be the biggest source of infestation on boats as the little so and so’s lay their eggs in it.


Armed with a tin of bug spray we spend the next hour getting rid of all the beer cartons and filling the plastic crates in the bath with their stock, liberally spraying each case as it reveals its nasties. The boxes are then tied up and suspended in the water off the stern, with any escapees on route given a squirt or jumped on.


IMG_2337    P8030620

                           Cardboard soaking.                                                                             You were warned


P8030621    P8030648

                                 Blue Lagoon beach.                                                                                                 Other sea creatures


After lunch we venture ashore and enquire if we can dine at the resort. No problem and we book in. Dinner is around 6:30. So, after a happy hour drink watching the sunset, its best bib and tucker as we head ashore. It's Lobster for me and Steaks for the others. We’re not overly impressed, the half lobster could have been bigger, and Shan’s steak looked good but was tough as old boots.


IMG_2353    IMG_2361

                            Listening to the music.






During dinner the wind had picked up and was blowing a good 25 knots and the resultant seas give us a good soaking on the way back. Casting off the sodden clothes and gripping the brandy bottle harmony was restored.


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