Whangarei-Waipu Cove

Lars Alfredson
Mon 12 May 2014 04:47
Whangarei - Waipu Cove
Position:  36:01.68S 174:30.34E

Lars has to check on the boat every known and then, so we're back in The Ship Yard
once again.  We could see right away that the spots on the side of the boat have
been given a lick of paint but other than that not much else. Oh! the propeller shaft
has been sorted and is now in place.

We went out to dinner in the Town Center of Whangarei.  I thought the restaurant
looked good so we went in and had an Indian.  Beef Vindaloo was great and I had a
very strange pudding that was milk and raw sugar cooked down until thick and then
made into little balls, served with a light sugar sauce. 
It all tasted great until later that night.  By the morning I was as sick as a dog and felt
awful. I couldn't keep anything down, not even water.  I spent the whole day sipping
water and sleeping.  I was just about over the sickness when suddenly the next
morning, very early, it was Lars's turn.  In all the years I've known Lars I have never
seen him throw-up and he surely did.  He was as mad as hell, all he could say was
what a waste of his pizza and beer that he had the night before.  He was under
the weather for the best part of the next day.  Must of been something we ate.

9th May we decided to leave Whangarei even though Lars still had a bit of a headache.
We didn't get very far before we stopped at Waipu Cove.  The camping grounds
were near the sea and we were parked not five minutes to the beach.  Lars
thought he could blow away the cobbwebs with a couple of hours walk along the
beach.  I just took it easy as I still didn't feel like eating alot.

         Sail Rock. Carol thinks it looks like a Shark fin.                                                                            Black billed Gull         

                   Our expedition vehicle.                                                                                They call them christmas Trees here.

Caroline and Lars