Recife/Cabanga Yacht Club

Lars Alfredson
Sat 8 Jan 2011 23:46
7th/8th January
Early this morning the people who work here at the Yacht club came to move us over
to the other side. Firstly, the wind blew us out of the opening to the Club and we ended
up in the mud. When we finally made it to the mooring that we were to have, we found
that it's very, very shallow here. Every time the tide goes out it is only 1,5 meters under
us. We are sitting in mud. I'm glad that I'll be going home soon and I wont have to watch
when Lars finally leaves the harbour. BUT.........
              Cabanga Yacht Club Restaurant                                           The entrance of the yacht club
            The other side from our boat                                              The Yacht club is like a little village
Problems, problems, problems. Everything is falling apart.  First the A/C stopped
working about 3 days ago and now it's the batteries. It's not just little things either.
I've been saying to Lars that I could smell an eggy smell for days and now we know
it is the batteries. 2 of them are empty, which means they have to take out all 8 batteries
and check each one and then fill them up again. Lars and Thomas thought t would mean
buying new ones but instead they only need filling up, which is good. Also the A/C will be
looked at on Monday.
              Downtown Recife                                   Marco Zero Recife Antigo
                 Lars sending my Postcards                                                   Downtown Recife
We went out last night, got into a Taxi as this area is a bit dicey and drove about 2 minutes
to a very high class restaurant. The food was to die for and the service was first class.
Lars and I started with crab meat in it'¨s shell, Thomas had oysters, then a very Brazilian
dish with prawns and lobster in a tomato sauce and then lobster both in butter and grilled.
I had desert which was lemon merangé pie.
  A very popular walkway of to downtown Recife                              A view of Recife in daytime