On our way to Indonesia

Lars Alfredson
Mon 11 Mar 2019 11:44
POS 01:51.300N 131:37.200E
Two days and 10 hours since we left Palau.
Nice breeze first day but during nightfall wind dropped and rain started.
We are on our way towards the equator, that´s a fact .
Approaching the Doldrums = the zone obove and under the equator gives us rain,some thunder and windgusts.
Last night was very shifty, a lot of motoring but this day (now 20.00) we have been sailing goose wing headsails.
Since weather isn´t very nice, we decided to skip our planned stop over at the atoll Helen Reef and go straight to Indonesia.
We picked up a nice raincloud to our SB side and got a nice ride for some six hours.
A fauvored current help us a another +1 kn to our target.
As writing this the wind dropped, now motoring again, suck.....
Sorong, will be our port of clearance in to Indonesia. 
We are rapidly approaching the famous line, the latitude of 00 degrees, 00 minutes,000 seconds.
Only 110 Nm to go !! Three of the crew on Dawnbreaker have already met the God of Sea, King Neptune.Two has not !!
Crossing this zero latitude will for sure be a memorable moment. One has to meet the King and pay his respect to cross the line.
Lars,Jonas and Naty are very anticipating for this moment. Ivan and Urban NOT !! Hahahhahahahahh
Can´t wait for their baptising, moahaaaaa
After the line we have only some 30 Nm´s to Sorong. Then, after clearance we will be heading west to Raja Ampat islands, best dive and snorkeling in the world !!
Crew on Dawnbreaker