Yadua Island

Lars Alfredson
Wed 14 Aug 2013 05:55

16:48.63S 178:19.32E


20130810 Saturday – Shân


Another early start, quick breakfast and off we set for Yadua.  A long days motor sailing but we make good time.  We have the fishing line out and in no time at all we hear it snatch. Lars dashes to the rod but too late whatever it was has got away breaking the line and taking the lure with him..  Lars makes up a new lure and we set the line once more.  One little nibble but no fish.


IMG_2688    IMG_2682

               New lure being built.                                                                 Preparing to hoist the main.


 We arrive in time for a quick swim before settling for the evening.  Not very exciting coral but amazing water temperatures, really hot pockets alongside quite cold patches, most odd. 


P8100879    P8100880


I leave the boys to explore more of the reef and head off back to the boat to prepare our fishy feast, yesterdays purchase.  I take advantage of being alone on the boat to strip off and shower on the stern – lovely, refreshing, feel ready for anything.


IMG_2691    P8100873

                       Descaled Emperor                                                                                                     Read all about it.


After a ‘sundowners’ I’m chopping onions, garlic, red pepper and sun dried tomatoes to make a sort of stuffing.  A little white wine to keep the fish moist and in the oven it goes.  An hour and a half later and we’re enjoying the Emperor with creamy cabbage and onion.  Yum, yum.  There’s enough left for another meal tomorrow, so it’s decided it will be a fish curry.


IMG_2701   IMG_2702



Clearing up we retire fairly early as it’s another early start tomorrow.



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