Lars Alfredson
Mon 26 Dec 2011 18:21



A new day, Peters not at his best, that’s not to say we’re much better.

Its low tide and Lars starts fishing with the boathook and low our patience pays off and the bike is successfully recovered.

Hopefully there’s nothing wrong that a hose down along with a liberal application of WD40 won’t fix.


Xmas 001     Xmas 014

                           Mystery solved


On a last minute shopping trip for Christmas dinner we come across a rare site, an argentinean wearing a Welsh shirt!

Then back for a rest before tonight’s “Bash” up at the Clubhouse. Roxanna report that she has been around all the yachts drumming up interest and though several are doing their own thing they will pop in.


Xmas 016      Xmas 004

                          Rugby fan                                                                              Resting


Six o’clock and we load up the “Granny Cart” and trundle up with his with our barrel of beer, meat, rolls, and knives forks and plates, just like the old Sunday school trips.


Xmas 024     Xmas 048

                Beer on tap                                                             Popular bar


We light the Bar-b-q, set up the beer and sample. Fifteen minutes later the Americans arrive in full “Musto” waterproof gear.

They’re anchored in the bay and have spent most of the day fixing their outboard motor.

This went underwater when the wind flipped their dinghy, though now running “Better than ever” and the wind had dropped; it was still a wet and windy trip over.


The French were next, en masse, Roxanne’s husband Jonathan, then Roxanne on Argentinean time, with a great assortment of goodies including a whole lamb.

An Argentinean sailor took charges of the bar-b-q and did an excellent job cooking.


Xmas 036      Xmas 039

                Meat Argentinean style                                                               Our chef


We had a surprise visit of Santa much to the delight of all.


Xmas 025      Xmas 002

          Look who’s coming                                                          Surprise


Xmas 003     Xmas 027

                        Hugs from Santa                                                           Sweeties


A little later Roxy’s daughter arrived to entertain us.


Xmas 060       Xmas 062

                  Our muscian 


It wasn’t long before our barrel of beer, which had been received with great gusto, was empty, so it was onto the wine and other exotica that had been brought.


Xmas 023

                  Some of the revellers


Somewhere near to the end of the proceedings I had a fit of common sense when my last remaining brain cell directed me to return to the yacht while still capable.

Who was I to argue! Not that there was too much memory of the return journey though.


Bob the Blur