Arrival Bali

Lars Alfredson
Sun 21 Apr 2019 03:34
POS 08:44.48S 115:12.78E
Benoa Harbour, Bali

Friday it was time for the last 60 NM to Benoa Harbour, Bali for clearing in to Indonesia again and for crew change.

We arrived about 15.00 and managed to get a spot in Bali Marina inside Benoa Harbour.
The entrance to the harbour was packed with all sorts of tourist activities like paragliding, banana boats, flying carpets and every water toy you can think of.

Kenneth arrived at about 20.00 and we just managed to get dinner at a nearby restaurant. They all seem to close at nine in the evening.

Saturday was clearing in day. I went off with Urban for a long walk to track down all the authorities. It took us more than 4 hours to get all the paperwork done. We are now legally in Indonesia again.
For lunch Jan Pelle arrived, our second new crew member.

In the afternoon the crew went off to do big shopping and I spent a few sweaty hour in the engine room, cleaning water intake filters and changing drive belts for the alternator. The water intakes clog up with plastic and seaweed making the fridge compressor overheat and stop.

More stories from Bali to follow.