Time flies

Lars Alfredson
Tue 25 Mar 2014 09:49
I just realized that it has been two weeks since my last report.
I need "Bob the blog" to sort me out.

I have been spending my time mostly with getting the old generator out of the boat, se the pictures below.
After cutting a hole from the engine room in to the cockpit locker, I ended out cutting away the side under the cockpit hatch to make the opening bigger.

                          She is moving                                                                                                                     A bit more.                     

                                Coming out                                                                                                         Away to the scrapheap 

               An empty space, waiting to be filled with something nice.

           Hirrani in the front row, stern facing this way.                                                                        Saturday handycrafts market on the bridge.

I try to go out for a little bike ride on the weekend to get a brake. These pictures is from last Saturday.     

 Entertainment, it looks a bit slow but to tourist season is over.

     Across the river I spot a well known sight.

The last week I have worked hard on getting the boat ready to come out of the water. The decision has been taken to take the mast out.
It is hard work to unscrew a rig that has not been touc hed for 12 years. Lots of biiig wrenches and some heavy drilling to get the most stubborn screws out.

But now it is mostly done and tomorrow Wedensday 26th I am leaving Riverside Drive Marina after 4 months here.
I am only going down river to Dockland 5 to lift Dawnbreaker out of the water.
A month of, No toilet, No fridge and No running water awaits. How fun is that!

More to follow.