Nearing Ducie

Lars Alfredson
Tue 23 Oct 2012 15:04
Pos 26:17S 119:5W
Tuesday 23rd Oct

The wind has turned NE and we are still making good speed. Last 24h run was 186 NM.
We have decided to try and stop at Ducie a small atoll tha belongs to the Pitcairn group.
It is still 285NM to go and we will have two more nights before we are there.

Fishing for dinner yesterday ended with abig fish taking off with both hook and line.

The big disaster happened just before sunset when we decided to gybe to get a better course
for Ducie. In the gybe the Mainsail split about 2 meters along the mast. Luckily it was under reef 2
so now we have taken in the reefs and are sailing on like that. When we come to some calm atoll we will
have to try and patch the sail together again.

All is well