Kingston Jamaica

Lars Alfredson
Wed 27 Apr 2022 00:54
POS 17:56.51N 76:46.32W

Day 16 - April 26

Ita was a comfortable and easy last day of sail. Downwind stable and sunny. Great easterly wind.  Main and winged genoas performed a 8kts voat speed. 

Hoisting the main we dropped the “Rubber Handle” fell in the sea, short circuiting the winch remote control. Dissembled and dried will put it together tomorrow and test. 

We reached the 3nm point around

13:00hs and a long way to the harbour. 

At harbour in Kingston, Jamaica heading to the Coast Guard Pier for formalities, after being misled to good deep into the harbour at the Uacht Club by their Commodore.  Back out to the entrance, to the Coast Guard pier.  New surprise. 

Rainy reception after 36 hours at sea got us all soaked wet, logging for a warm shower. 

Sabrina takes the first turn.  Opssss we ran out of fresh water.  I guess her 30 minute shower, with hair shampooing, conditioner, leg shaving, a Brazilian and body cream all rinsed off again and full body second wash, resulted in an empty tank that had 500l four days ago. 

The unhappy face was Kenneth’s.  Sink full of dirty dishes. A mess of a galley.  Unacceptable such unsanitary conditions prior to the arrival of the Health officials. 

So Sabrina is on probation for fresh water showers. 

The bureaucracy here got the best of us. Four anchor drops and several misleading directions.  Finally we back to the Jamaica Royal Yacht Club for Immigration formalities. Lars went ashore with Sabrina.  While amchoring here we were attacked by thousands of mosquitos. I am in full leg pants and long sleeve shirt.  I felt like covered with mosquito spots devouring my Brazilian pure blood.  It’s one hour after sunset and the attack subsided.  

Getting a Bloody Mary in my blood stream might help.  Glad I packed my Mosquito net. 

We will stay onboard tonite for a gorgonzola spaghetti and fight the mosquitos. 

Obrigado / thank you


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