Lars Alfredson
Sun 1 Dec 2013 00:55
Pos 35:37.03S 174:17.79E
Tutukaka Harbour
Tuesday 26/11
We sailed south to Tutukaka were we anchored together a bit outside the marina as it is a shallow harbour not suited for Dawnbreaker and Obelisk.
m_DSC_0694   m_DSC_0695
                 The morning after.
m_DSC_0696    m_DSC_0697
Tiphaine and Diego left the ship here to go and visit friends.
Everybody went ashore for some internet and a shower.
     Wisdom on the wall.
Jesse  as the only  american cooked us hamburgers for dinner.
The evening was a lot calmer than the two preceding nights.
Lars with a reduced crew.