Likuri Island

Lars Alfredson
Fri 19 Jul 2013 07:16
Pos 18:03.16S 177:17.21E

20130718 Thursday



We make the entrance to the reef and estuary just before sunset and try to remember how we approached last time as all track records have gone from our chart plotters. The tide is low enough and there’s enough despite the overcast skies to pick out the inner reefs as we nudge up into the shallows off Robinson Crusoe resort, anchoring in

five metres of water.


Radioing in we book for dinner, so a quick polish of the parts and donning ones best T-Shirt its time to go ashore. There aren’t many guest and we end up sharing a table with a Yorkshireman and his French wife who are living on the Wallis and Fortuna islands and a Kiwi couple from Christchurch.


IMG_1745   IMG_1747


Having opened an account and made good use of it at the bar it's time for dinner. This comes in the form of buffet style meal of beef bourguignon, mashed potatoes and vegetables and very tasty too.


The conversation as well as the wine flow freely (Though not quite so “free” when we got the bill) and we have a very pleasant evening. The band were in fine form seeming to improve as their Kava bowl was kept topped up and  passed around on a regular basis.


IMG_1749    IMG_1751


During the evening the rain had started again so it was a wet bum trip back to base for a nightcap and a few pages of the book before retiring.


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