Thailand here we come

Lars Alfredson
Sat 14 Dec 2019 06:46

We are on our way to Phuket with some resting anchorages on our way. First stop was Ko Lipe where Jojo and Bitte had a memory flash back after being there in 2009.  

Crowded tourist place with heavy longboat traffic and multi-style beach party. 

The couple had a Thai massage and Lars and myself, double happy hour drinks. 

The night ended with a nice barbecues thay dinner topped by pancakes just across “madam yoo hoo” restaurant. Flied rice 70bats is her call hahahahaha. 

Next day we moved to a more isolated island Ko Adang for snorkeling and getting ready to cross to Ko Rok. A park with a channel between two islands with good snorkeling. 1700bats park fee later we moved to Ko Muk some 20nm north. Home of the Emerald Cave, which we plan to explore tomorrow before departing towards Phuket.  

Today is St Lucia day, a special celebration in Sweden. If I understand well their conversation, there should be some gastronomic celebration.  

Note: the “couple” has been here 10 years ago. On their nostalgic exploration, second disappointment ... two resorts they stayed went bust and are left in ruins.