Ilha Achieta 28032011 Monday

Lars Alfredson
Mon 28 Mar 2011 22:14

A last Blog update and its anchors up and away. The Helicopters have already started shuttling people to Rio

and San Paulo, to work one assumes. Its tough be a millionaire.


Grey Pearl joins us and we head for the bay at Trindade, but there is a big swell and a poor anchorage so we

continue on to the Ilha Anchieta which has a Prison as well as a good beach and hopefully out this swell.


The weather has gone misty and the wind has dropped a prelude to the forecast turn to rain that due tomorrow.

The good news is it should provide and Easterly wind to blow us back to Angra.In the meantime Thomas has

produced Tournedos Rossini with Zucchni, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, whatever happened to Hardtack and Weavils?




We anchor of a long sandy beach with a long concrete jetty where a large sign declares it’s a national park.

On landing (A little precarious in the heavy swell) the island guide tells us that the Prison, which we find is a

ruin behind what was the main admin block was closed down after the riots in the 1950’s.




Also the Turtle conservation project no long runs from here and the Hostel and shop seem to have gone.

The church appears to be still in business and there are plenty of open air showers, picnic tables and signs showing

walks to the various beach and points of interest. 


It also highlight the varied wildlife, especially Cassowaries that can be found out and about, so off we set along

a path leading to another long beach from where we had landed.




Weren’t disappointed when we discovered something the size of a rabbit but looking more like a rat running

around the beach, an enormous “Cricket”, Kiskadees and several other unknown birds. There where lots of

interesting trees coming down to beach wild Figs with yellow peach sized fruit others with clusters of almond

sized nuts, and the tide line was an assortment of nuts various including coconuts.






Returning to “Dawnbreaker” we swim and then try to contact “Grey Pearl” who seems to have got lost on the way.

We give him our position and find he has overshot us due to an error in the waypoint listing in his French version

of the Pilot book which he advises us has many such errors.


We welcome them aboard, Yves still clutching his leg of Ham and another bottle of fine Bordeaux.

Thomas produces another of his apple crumbles with “Cream Anglais” from a packet he found in the stores as we as a round of Caprihinas.



As the night progress so does a terrific lightening storm which then adds thunder as it approaches.

As our guest leave the promised rain starts to fall increasing in intensity until it’s a tropical downpour,

at which point we abandon the shelter of the cockpit and retire for the night.   


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