Lars Alfredson
Wed 20 Feb 2019 17:47
POS 07:30.530N 146:10.21E

After a good night's sail we arrived Elato atoll early Wedensday morning. We passed trough the reef as the twice yearly supply ship left.
We anchored in a beautiful bay with a nice sandy beach.
After breakfast and morning swim we headed ashore and was greeted by the chief and the head men of this small village (100 persons). The school teacher spoke the best english. During our talking he mentioned that the school closed early to prepare for the approaching storm?
We had a nice walk through the village and on the beach.
Returning to the boat for lunch we downloaded some weather maps and took the decision to to leave before nightfall.
We returned the village log book. We were the first visitors for 2019. There was two boats 2018.
We thanked the friendly people of Elato and was presented with flower arrangements for our heads as a parting gift.
Writing this we are speeding towards Yap, being chased by a tropical storm heading the same way. We will carefully follow its track to avoid close contact.