Gili Air

Lars Alfredson
Fri 19 Apr 2019 02:56
POS 08:21.93S 116:05.02E
Gili Air

We arrived Air on Thursday morning, found a bouy and tied up. We looked in amazement at all the activity around us. Boats lined the beach and hundreds of tourists poured in from all around. We were back in tourist country with a big bang.
Later we loaded the dinghy with snorkeling gear amd went off to search for turtles that are supposed to be plentiful around the island. Nice snorkeling but no turtles.
For lunch we went ashore and were pleasantly surprised that there was no
motorcycles or cars on the island. Horse and cart for heavy transports and bicycles. Nice and quiet.
In we evening we walked the town and had a nice dinner on the beach.