Left Chuuk entering Yap

Lars Alfredson
Tue 19 Feb 2019 03:14
POS 07:21.700N 148:54.000E

This morning we left the lagoon of Puluwat. We arrived yesterday morning and Lars tried to get us as far into the lagoon as possible (as usual)-
Urban as the pilot at the bow, pointing out directions guiding us between shallow coralreefs.
Eventually we had turn back when Dawnbreaker came to a stop, to shallow for us.

We dropped the anchor and could see some people cheering us from shore.
After a nice lunch, tuna sallad in wraps, we took the dinghy ashore and went for a walk.
Smiling kids and youngsters were cheering us as we went along. We approached a house and asked if we were welcome and were invited.
The elderly man bid us to sit down and in few minutes we were given coconuts to drink as refreshment.
He had some antenna problem, no Tx on his Shortwave radio. Jonas promice to have a look after our walk.

This small island has a population of 800, mostly kids and their parents. +20 years normally left this remote island for Guam.
Very basic living. Every second mounth supplies was shipped from Chuuk but coconuts is the main stuff out here.
They us it for keeping the cocking fire alive,as food,oil,etc. Banans and breadfruit also availabe.

Power from solarpanels and car batteries. Inverters 12V – 110V for running radios.
Freshwater from saving rain. Not very tidy, cans,plastic stuff and all kind of rubbish thrown everywhere.
Pigs,chickens,dogs all over.
The traditional canoes to be seen. A small one person canoe was one week to be build !? hmmmm....
We found the people very friendly (not at all as the bastards at Chuuk) and we said farewell and collected
some gifts (bananas and coconuts) went back to the boat.
Jonas to cook dinner, Flying Jacob (chicken,curry,bananas,peanuts,mandarins). Crew had to wait a while but
worth waiting for. While sitting chatting in cockpit Urban spotted that the dinghy just went adrift.
Lars “The Seal” took off in a perfect dive in just a few soconds. He managed to swim and saved our lifeline to shore.
Knot training has now been added to the “to do list” onboard, no name given for the guilty one.

As blog is written, we sail course 270, 2 reefs in the main and genua 2, speed 10 knots, enroute the Elato Atoll, some 150 miles to go.
After Elato one more stopover before Yap. We need to clear out the Micronesia before the end of February.

Cheers from Dawnbreaker