Liapari Island

Lars Alfredson
Fri 19 Jun 2015 00:32
pos 7:56.75S 156:42.78E
Liapari Island
Friday the 19 of june,
Midsummer eve
Tuesday we woke up in heavy rain. reading day. In the afternoon it cleared enough for us to move to a better anchorage in Lire Bay.
Wedensday we left Gizo islands and sailed over to Liapari Island a small Island with a good lagoon on the south end of Vella Lavella Island.
Here there is a double reef. The passage into the inner lagoon is only possible at high water so we had to anchor in the outer for a few hours.
We anchored outside the small wharf just in time for happy hour that they have everyday at 18.00. Here we met the two french boys from Honiara again, they had a broken forestay and were waiting for spare parts. We also met the New Zealand fisherman from Lever Harbour. Here is also an Australian yacht with a delivery crew of 3. They have all sorts of problems with their boat. This made for a lively happy hour.
Thursday we took the outborder in to the work shop for a new repair. Then we went for a nice walk around the beautiful Liapari island.
Happy hour at 18.00 and plans are made for a midsommer party on Friday.
Friday morning. Everybody is busy with preparations for the party. Meat balls and Janssons temptation is cooked, flowers is picked and so on. Ewa is the master organizer. More about this in my next blog.
All is well,
Lars and crew.