Ambon 1

Lars Alfredson
Sun 24 Mar 2019 11:44
Ambon is a big noisy dirty town. The first night we anchored surrounded by lots of derelict old fishing boats. It was to hot even to go ashore for dinner.
Sunday we moved the boat closer to the Hypermart supermarket. It was also where the Marine Police had their jetty. We thought it was a safe place to leave the boat.
Taking pur washing and all our shopping bags we went ashore. Walking 400 m up to the main road had us drenched in sweat. Two Bemos later we had drpped off the washing and were in the Hypermart. The best supermarket we have seen in Indonesia so far.
After a big shop for about 1.7 million rupies we ferried it all back to the boat.
Some of the police men were very interested in DB so we had three om them aboard. We shared some beers and showed them around

After a rest we went back to town to pick up our washing and to have dinner.

A hot and sweaty day.