Wreck point

Lars Alfredson
Sun 26 Jul 2015 06:09

pos 7:29.11S 158:20.85E

Wreck Point, Isabel Island.


2015-07-25 After leaving our overnight anchorage at Ghaghe Island we venture back out into the open ocean and a massive swell off the bow gives us a heavy session of rock and roll before we find our next hole in the reef to make our way up the inner passage.

We struggle with minor showers, and the sky has been overcast all morning, the good news, it’s kept the temperature down. Lars’ dream of anchoring off an island with a reef and a nice white beach for lunch fails to materialise as these islands are surrounded by mangroves that reach into the sea leaving no shoreline at all.

Entering through the reef we see more evidence of the Cyclones damage. What shows as a small island on the reef, called Kyle Island, is no more and only the roots of its mangroves and a lonely tree trunk mark its location. Inland the near vertical wooded slopes of one island have collapse in an avalanche of trees and soil from the heavy rainfall.

As we make our way to anchor I reel in the line which to my surprise seems to get heavier the more I wind in. Also I notice the whole of the reels line had been run out, but thinking it was a new ploy by Lars I ignored it.

As the lure neared the stern Lars yells, “There’s something on it” and much to our amazement there is, a metres long Wahoo! It must have taken the line while we were sheltering from of the showers and we failed to hear the line running out. It isn’t long before it’s reduced to two enormous filets which are cut up into meal size portions, while in the meantime, the dinner menu is hastily rewritten.

Wreck Island is located at the entrance to a passage across the large main island and as we approach we start to see signs of life. Our first canoe for a day or two and then, a medium sized freighter, evidently full of confidence turns at full speed and heads down the passage.

As we anchoring I notice the chain gives off a combination of rust and a minor oil slick, it seem like the anchor winch is leaking again.

Shan is so overjoyed with the success of our “Super lure” she’s decided to bake some scones, must be the heat getting to her. The recipe is in Swedish and with all those foreign units of measurement it’s been a bit of a challenge, we await the results with bated breath and a beer.

A quick swim and it’s happy hour G+T’s and spicy scones, luverly as Shans efforts are applauded and we await the next culinary masterpiece.

Dinner is served an hour later and it’s grilled Wahoo and sautéed potatoes (The last of) with garlic mayonnaise. Delicious!

A game of Uno and you know whose winning I don’t know how he does it !

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