Kinuura - escorted in by the Coast Guard

Lars Alfredson
Sat 30 Apr 2016 11:59

pos 34:51.82N 136:56.94E
Kinuura Port

Wedensday 27/4
I had been told off the day before for going into closed ports without permission. I by now had several different docoments with lists of different closed ports to wich I had permission to go. All of them in japanese and unreadable to any off us. Anyway I sent off a new application to the Department of Transport.
The weather reports was not in favor of us sailing further east for a couple of days.
We decided to wait out the weather change on a small island before we took the 70NM jump to Omaezaki.
As soon as we got underway the Vhf started crackling. Where are you heading etc. We told them the situation and they said: You have to go to Omeazaki. Impossible I said. Bad weather. After a while they said: You can not go to the little island, you have to go to Kinuura. I said I did not want to go to a dirty industrial harbour. They insisted and when we got to the little island a coast guard cutter showed uo and escorted us for 2 hours in to Kinuura.
While all this happened I constantly had Nagoya Coast Guard Radio calling me up and telling me to go to Omeazaki.
When we closed on the harbour, a huge industrial place, I was told to tie up in the small boat harbour. Getting close they changed their mind and we had to anchor out in the big harbour among some old barges. Soon we were approached by 4 sinister looking men in uniform. They came to do an inspection and told us that we could not even put a foot on land. After lots of arguing they had to concede to that the crew could go ashore but not the captain (me). I was starting to get a bit fed up and just wanted to get rid of them. When they finally left, I am happy to say it was pissing down and they got very wet.

All is almost well,
Lars and crew.

P.S. the story continues

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