Passage to N.Z. day 5

Lars Alfredson
Tue 12 Nov 2013 00:12
Pos 30:20.99S 170:14.98E
Tuesday 12/11 12.00
Another slow day.
Two things happened on Monday.
First we sailed past Norfolk Island. If I remember right the story is: (You better google it to make shure)
On this Island some of the mutineers from the Bounty settled after they split up from the main group on Pitcairn.
The mutineers that hid on Norfolk Island were all round up and hanged by the British when they were found.
Later on the population on Pitcairn were evacuated to Norfolk Island because of the difficulty to support them on this very remote Island.
Some of the people later returned to Pitcairn. It would have been very interresting to visit Norfolk Island when we passed.
Because the island is part of Australia, we did not even try. They have as strikt rules of visiting Australia as visiting New Zealand and you have to have a visa which we did not except Alice.
The second event of the day was to celebrate "half way". which we passed in the afternoon.
We made a bit of a ceremony of hoisting the New Zealand courtesy flag and to sacrifice to the sea, our left over stock of Kava root.
Tif cooked us nice "Croque monsieur" which we washed down with some nice red wine.
358 NM to go.
All ia well.
Lars and the "kids"