Rock Islands 1

Lars Alfredson
Sun 3 Mar 2019 09:07
POS 07:14.94N 134:22,52E

Saturday morning.
After leaving Koror I (Lars) navigated south mostly from memory (last visit 2016) through hundreds of small coral islands and reefs. Always with a lookout on deck. Charts are very unreliable.
I took us to a very safe anchoridge called "Coffin". There you are almost totally surrounded of the island with just a narrow opening to get in. Like being in an amfitheater. Very nice echo.
After anchoring and the obligatory anchor dram, everybody donned their snorkeling gear and explored the underwater scene.

Later in the afternoon we dingied over to the nearby, very popular snorkeling reef called "Cemetary" It turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. When I visited in 2016 it was a lot more colorful living reef with nice fish. Now most of the coral have lost its color and looks to be dying. Sad to see.

Nice chicken dinner with salad, prepared by Naty ended the day.

New adventures tomorrow.
Pics. will follow later.