Lars Alfredson
Mon 24 Jan 2011 22:54
January 24th, 2011

Recife Pos 08:04.816S 034:53.377W

DOWNbreaker *

Well back to Recife for repairs.  This time serious ones.  Our generator Westerbeke diesel engine went bust.
Saltwater worked itself through the saltwater into the engine hearth.  Needs major overhauling, machining and
spare parts. To better illustrate we have posted some pictures of the cadaver after CSI Recife was done with
the crime scene analysis.  Body parts are resting in the bathtub!
                              The Patient                                                                                Major muck
                              The Head ready for shipment                                                       Reading Spare Parts List

We will have to take is out of the boat tomorrow before we continue sailing to Salvador while it is machined
and reassembled, crossing our fingers we get spare parts in time.

So this is a major setback but it did not impact our morale nor G&T time. 


* by Erica Lessmann, Abu Dhabi