Bawean Island

Lars Alfredson
Mon 29 Apr 2019 13:06
POS 05:51.33S 112:38.31E
Sangkapura, Bawean island.

We arrived at Bawean on Monday afternoon, 29/4.
After catching up on emails etc. and an Happy hour drink we decided to find an eatery ashore just as darkness fell. Nasi Goreng with chicken at a small street restaurant was the menu for the night.
Exploring the village was left until the morning.
Tuesday morning after consulting google maps we set off to town in search of a supermarket. Ivan led the hunt and dragged us through the streets in the glaring sun. We passed lots of small local shops and were soon drenched in sweat, this turned our focus more towards a cold Bintang.
To our dismay there was no alcoholic drinks sold on the island. After a couple of hours checking out lots of small shops we returned to the boat with our meager catch.
Now we wanted clean water and snorkeling, so we pulled the hook headed east to find good swimming. An hour and a bit later we found a tiny little sand island with a promising reef around it.
We spent the rest of the day there, swimming and snorkeling and walking around the little island called Pulau Noko Selayar.
Wedensday started with a big rain shower. When it cleared we hoisted the anchor and are now heading for our next island about 140 NM west.