Butedale Harbour

Lars Alfredson
Mon 12 Sep 2016 01:38
Sep 9th Butedale Harbour
POS 53:9.584N 128:41.672W
Butedale Harbour
A one man "Cory", one dog "Buddy" and one cat place.  A former indian village and cannery lays in the mouth of a a creek.
As fishing boats converted to refrigerated holds the cannery became redundant and
The whole operations abandoned.   
Cary the caretaker, manages and maintains the dock.  A group of tied up floating logs connected to shore.  All ruins but the caretaker's cabin. We will visit and post our blogs. 
New investors purchased the property in 2012 and plan to build a marina and cottages geared towards ecotourism.  Ambitious. But they have three things going for them:  hydropower, enough water and location.  
Currently besides the mooring business there is a house with 5 bedrooms geared towards Kayakers for CND$10 a night. 


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