Wewak, PNG

Lars Alfredson
Tue 1 Dec 2015 03:19

pos 3:33.40S 143:37.93E

We arrived  Wewak on Tuesday the 1/12. When we anchored near an old fishing boat, a bananaboat with some soldiers in came out and told us to move 1000m from that boat because there could be a bomb on board. We later learnt that it was a Vietnamese fishing boat that had landed illegally. The crew was in custody in Port Moresby.
After moving we spent a few hours getting permission to go ashore from the
My main reason for going to Wewak was to pick up a packet with electronic charts that I had sent there. Late afternoon we therefore walked to "In Wewak Boutique Hotel" for said packet. No packet. We stayed on for a very nice dinner. We then met Philip the owner of the hotel and he warned us for walking around in the dark. He provided a ride back to the dinghy.
On Tuesday we once again trundeled up the hill to the Hotel. Mable in the reception helped me to trace my parcel, it was stuck in the post office awaiting a hefty customs charge to be paid. I went off to the post office and collected the parcel. After lunch, (on the house,at the hotel) we went shopping for the coming two weeks. On the way back to the boat we talked to the military that was still watching the mysterious Vietnamese boat. They promised to keep an eye on us too.

The story continous in part 2.

Lars and crew.

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