Rio 15032011 Monday

Lars Alfredson
Tue 15 Mar 2011 23:32

We’re both a little late stirring and a glance outside to check the weather shows that  “Grey Pearl”

had already left and is heading south to Ilha Grande.

The Plan is to do the “Beaches” in daylight for a change so we catch bus and head for the western

end of Copocabana and decide to have lunch before we go to explore the fort on the headland that

separates it from Ipanima  which we plan to walk to next.


The restaurant we pick turns out to be one of three  Manuel and Joquim  hostelries and as such

the “Big” pizza we share is excellent and the beer goes down singing Hymns.



                            Deep study                                                Odd man


Suitably refreshed we set of to the fort only to discover the Army are busy painting everything

and it’s closed. Undeterred we set off over the headland to Ipanima and find the park made famous

in the song about the “Girl from Ipanima”



                                         Copacabana                                                                              Ipanema


The wind was blowing and had whipped up a big surf that had brought out the Boarders. We eventually

stop at one of the beachside Kiosk dispensing snacks and drinks, as well as Coco Verde.

This consists of a green coconut which they hack the bottom off so it will stand upright and chop the top

off through the husk and the nut making a small hole. Stick in straw and as they are kept refrigerated you

have a refreshing cool drink, the addition of a little cane spirit, Cachaca and your away!!



                             Coco verde                                                                 Coco Birdie


Then it started to rain, so a hasty retreat to the bus station via a little Bar.. nature called and it was better

than standing in the bus shelter. We caught the bus little realising it was going in the opposite direction

to what we wanted, but out with the trusty map, a lot conjecture and we figured it would eventually get us home.


Well we right and we got to see lots of Rio we hadn’t travelled before, the only problem was it took nearly

two hours and if you been on the bouncy bus with the a man with a death wish driving its not the most

pleasant experience. Now my spine is in terminal compression and with all this walking I’ll be lucky to

be a four foot midget by the time I get back to UK.


8pm and Lars is cooking another gourmet meal with the aid of tin opener and a can of stew while

I knock up a sandwich, we’ll be on TV chefing soon. The phone rings, Thomas had arrived and is sipping

Caipirinhas in the Yacht Club, so having feasted we set off to join him.


He’s brought lots of computer and telephone gadgets as well as diving gear and several large bags.

A few more Caipirinhas while we clear our emails etc with the aid of the his new kit, then back to

“Dawnbreaker” for few night caps before retiring.


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