Presenting: New crew members and what we have done so far

Lars Alfredson
Tue 18 Sep 2012 13:04
Hello readers!
You will notice the text got a little bit strange. The reason is Captain Lars put a brazillian without any english formal trainning to write the blog, that one is me.
Back, on the last post, Cap. Lars have presented the israeli Miki(when he is out Israel, you can call he Mike. Like a name for foreigners).
What I can say about Miki is: He is a vegetarian, with a incredible sense of responsability and security mindset and lot of patience to explain to us about his Jewish roots.
And always smiling, what is great.

Today I will present myself. I’m a Brazillian, from Porto Alegre, 30 years old,  married, owner of two cats. And my name is Cabral.

So, what happened since the last update? I really dont kown, but what happened since I was on the Dawnbreaker is:

The day started with what Cap. Lars complaing about the breakfeast that Miki made for us. He was saying the Miki is trying to convert all the crew in vegetarians. But this is all jokes in the morning.
Miki have sliced fruits in very tiny peaces, in separeted bows – very dedicated and a lot of care. And we have mixed with cereal.

After breakfeast we have started the “heavy work”.
We have to put down the front stay, slide a piece from the bottom to the top, remove it, hammer in some new parts where old one have broken.
Well, the nice thing is the front stay is taller than the mast, so Cap. Lars used the chair and has been hoisted to the mast top to bind a cable to the front stay. After he make his way down, Miki manage to put the bottom of the stay in the Dinghy – that way we hope to have space to move the stay and lay him down in the platform to make the necessary repair. This time I was in the platform, pulling a cable, so the stay(that have aluminuim sleaves) dont hit the Dawnbreaker.  
Here a picture of us, working hard or hard working
Workshop pirate
Cap. Lars banging, the motto of the day: BANG IT
Climbing the mast
After that we go after the sails in the warehouse. Cap. Lars have removed then because Dawnbreaker should be wainting for a long time.
Genoa 1 and 2 are already in their place. The main sail and stormjib will wait for tomorrow.

Lunch occured at 15pm, for my personal despair, was a few sandwiches with a promise of a great dinner in a local restaurant.
After all the work, a pseudo cerimony to hoist the Brazil flag. The Israel one are already there and we are planning how the Argentina flag will be set tomorrow to have a nice color scheme.

Was a long day with some hard work, a lot of rainning. And in the end, a great sunset with a promise of a nice weather.

To close the day we have take leave to the restaurant. We tried to have a bus, taxi or something. After a few tries we got a ride in the open back of a pickup truck to the restaurant area. A little bit windy, but was very nice and shor adventure.
It is a great restaurant called Mar Adientro. Meat for Captain, Seafood risotto for me and fish for Miki.
We are all sad because we forget to take pictures of the great food we have.